A Brief Introduction

Hi, all,

As my “About Me” section says, I’m an English Writing and Rhetoric major at St. Edward’s University. I plan to be a copy editor after I graduate next spring, and I will pursue freelance writing in my spare time.

My first blog was started for an elective course I chose to take called Entertainment Journalism. The class was taught by Austin American-Statesman columnist Michael Barnes. Michael’s primary platform is his print and online column/blog, Out and About, which can be found online at the Statesman’s Austin360.com site. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties (cursed be Blogger forever), I had to end my first-ever blog.

Being the brilliant writer and mentor Michael is, I have come to love online journalism and couldn’t stand to end blogging on a bad note. I have started this blog to focus on what moves me and to hone my writing skills. I plan to focus on reviews and features, but we’ll see how that progresses. I’m just glad to be back up and running. I welcome any feedback that you have to offer, and I truly look forward to writing for this blog.

Please search Google for “Jennifer Obenhaus” for features on my last blog’s posts, as well as comments and contributions I’ve made to other blogs.



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