A Taste of Jen: “Drink and Be Merry at Fadó”

If it’s a chilled, smooth Guinness and a good conversation with old friends that you want, Fadó is the place to go in Austin.

Fadó, pronounced f’doe, is the Irish expression meaning “long ago”.  The term was commonly used as the preface of old Irish stories told by the Seanchaí (Shana-kee) or storyteller.  At Fadó we are telling the story of Ireland’s rich and celebrated pub culture.  It is a culture of hospitable surroundings, good food and good drink, and friendly conversation- what we call “craic”.

We consider Fadó a different type of Irish pub.  We blend the best of the old with the best of the new. Our decor and friendly staff evoke images of the great old pubs of Ireland whereas our style of operating – our music, food, beverages – connects more so with the contemporary pubs and bars of modern Ireland.

Fadó Austin tells the story of Ireland’s rich and celebrated pub culture throughout its design.  A stroll around Fadó is like a walk through Irish Pub history where four different designs are subtly together, each featuring its own special ambiance: the Irish Country Cottage Pub design, the Traditional Irish Pub Shop design, the Gaelic Pub, and the Victorian Dublin Pub.

I went to Fadó on Saturday night with a few friends.  We sat outside in the cool night listening to a live band, chit-chatting about our week, and sipping our thick, foamy Guinnesses.  We had encounters with friendly strangers, laughing at silly anecdotes and drunken exchanges.  After awhile, we drifted inside where we continued to bump into interesting company.

There are Irish pub charlatans all over town; however, Fadó certainly fits the bill when it comes to authentic Irish charm, gregarious groups of people, and ambrosial drinks.  For more, like drink specials, events, and fantasy league information, check out the Fadó site.


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