A Taste of Jen: “Fashion Trends of 2009”

With a new year and fickle resolutions quickly approaching, many are trying to find what the latest trends will be.  As far as women’s fashion, it seems that there are three trends that will be quite prevalent in the year to come–for better or for worse.

  • Out with the New and in with the Old
    My mother was beyond annoyed with me one day when she found that I had the audacity to want her old high school class shirt because it was “vintage.”  What is with my generation’s obsession with the antiquated?  While at first it was quite uncommon and cool to be decked out in thrift store clothing and accessories, it is such a prevalent trend now that I wonder when it will be uncool to dress in clothes older than your parents.  Perhaps never.
  • Captain Couture
    In my teenage years, I recall going home one day to beg that my parents take me to JC Penny’s to buy me a pair of trendy, hip pants that my stylish friends called “flared jeans.”  To my parents’ horror, the bellbottom pants of their generation had made their comeback from ’70s.  I fear the same is being done now with military-style clothing.  Stiff, high collars and numerous brass buttons are the latest adornments to women’s coats, shoes, pants, and shirts.  Nothing says “I know fashion” quite like someone dressed like Sergeant Pepper, right?
  • Pretty in Plumage
    Whether it’s the runway or the college campus, elegant, recherché feather details have found themselves on everything, from dresses to shirts to hats to hair. The goal here is sophistication, not stodginess. Ornate peacock, ostrich, and pheasant feathers are the key to looking chic; garish, tacky faux feather numbers are passe, ladies and gentlemen.

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