Junior Year of College: Part II

The second half of my junior year of college begins today at noon.  Let us take a moment to pray to the grade gods that this year does not end in my ruin.  [Insert reverent pause here.]BooksI decided to take a masochistic route this semester by taking on a multitude of courses, work hours, and extracurricular activities.  This includes six courses (two of them being evening classes), working as an office assistant for the School of Humanities at my college, proofreading for the university newspaper, editing for the university academic journal, and making time to study, eat, sleep, and walk my dog.  I see the potential for a terrific debacle sometime in the near future.*

In all honesty, the challenge excites me.  You see, I’m one of those people who claim that procrastination and a loaded schedule offers a rousing sense of pressure to their lives (although, I feel that this is becoming a pretty weak rationalization).

In other news, I think I’m going to take on the challenge of writing a post about my disdain for the absence of terminating commas in the AP style format.  I know, I know… riveting stuff.

* Thanks to Kate for reminding me that the word “debacle,” exists.


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