On Fire

I awoke this morning with a pounding headache, raw throat, and high fever. It wasn’t my preferred way of greeting the early hours of the day, that’s for sure.

I stayed home from work and school to concentrate all of my energy (or, what energy I had left) on getting over whatever viral symptoms that had afflicted me. In the mean time, I began listening to the latest Grammy-nominated Kings of Leon album, “Only by the Night,” which I’d bought a few days prior. I picked it up because for months friends of mine have been raving over this new Kings CD.

So as I sat in bed with my throat on fire, I came across “Sex on Fire.”

The lyrics are seemingly simple; however, beneath them are concealed metaphors and allusions (the song is not, at its deeper levels, about burning-hot intimacy). Caleb Followill’s lead vocals are brazen and raspy, exuding an eerie energy that makes itself apparent throughout the album.

The meretricious melody is addicting to say the least. I’ve had this song, as well as “Closer,” on repeat.


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