Pert People

Someone* with a very discerning mind told me recently that the worst thing someone could be is be just content. Initially, I was befuddled by this seemingly casual comment. Isn’t that what we all want? To be happy with our lives? However, when I asked this prudent guy what he meant by this, he said essentially that if we just settle with what life throws at us, we’ll never be motivated to improve, advance, or develop.

What he said hit me like a ton of bricks.

He had verbalized precisely what I had been doing the last three to four years of my life–I had settled. I surrounded myself with individuals who didn’t have my best interests at heart. “But, eh,” I thought, “Who or what else am I going to find? I can’t be so picky.” How wrong I was. That thought process led to my opting out of real happiness for a number of years (time I won’t ever get back).

Now that I’m growing up to be a “real adult,” I see that part of the way to being happy is by not settling. Pursue, pursue, pursue. Let this be a lesson or reminder to us all. I love the people I have in my life now, and I’m glad that I’ve begun to actively live my life once again.


* Thank you, John Lee.



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2 responses to “Pert People

  1. I enjoy your blog very much! I am working on a new line for my business and am working on partnering The Health factors in with their beauty. Come and check me out and leave me a comment back and let me know what you think- and be sure to visit my ever- growing site,! Trying to make new friends all the time, I am always reading others’ posts to create a relationship with the other bloggers!!!

  2. i r famous!!

    Thanks Jen! (I’ll assume since I made the picture you’re at least a little more than content with me as a friend) Glad we’re seeing more of each other these days!

    BTW, again, love the new hair (does that come off too gay?), somehow you always manage to pull off whatever style/color you throw at that noggin’ of yours… 🙂

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