Jessica “Jelly Belly” Simpson

Jessica Simpson performed in Florida at the 99.9 Kiss Country 24th Annual Chili Cook Off this past weekend. Err, Jessica is looking quite corpulent in these photos (found via The Superficial).  Did she eat Tony Romo?

The bulging beauty has been getting a lot of slack the past few years, from her divorce from 98 Degrees pop sensation Nick Lachey (ha ha, I laughed at that too), to her bitter break up with John Mayer, to being nicknamed “Yoko Romo,” to having a miserable country music crossover career, to her sister being the first to have the opportunity to name her child something that will surely scar it. Yes, poor swollen Simpson has hit a rough patch.

I pray to the gods of popular culture that those repugnant high-wasted pants and tuck-in tank top are the reasons for surfeit of skin in these photos.






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4 responses to “Jessica “Jelly Belly” Simpson

  1. Jeni's Blog Fan

    Wow, I didn’t even recognize Anna Nicole, I mean, Jessica Simpson.

  2. victoria

    i have been waiting for this day for so long….

    i kind of like a chubby jessica simpson. it won’t bode well though if it ruins her career (… she’s performing at a chili cook off?)

  3. A

    I love how she needs two belts to hold in her gut.

  4. Greatings,
    everything dynamic and very positively

    Thank you

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