Face Turned Grey from Spitting Stones

The following poem is by a skilled, creative writer by the name of Shayne Bates. I’m really impressed with what he’s done with this. Let me know what you guys think as well.

and crack and crack
and whistle pop
and off he goes and off he flies
a lupine beast in man disguise
stairway teeth with trees for eyes
a wretched ghost of woman’s cries.
and on he boast and off he drags,
skittering claws to molten crags
and we watch those diamond forests burn.

and hum and drum
and engine whir
and on he lulls and on he drones
a deadened bore of serpent moans
face turned grey from spitting stones
he cuts our eyes with ringing tones.
and on he crawls and on he sings
clamoring bells and demon strings,
and he lets those fiery lungs go hollow.

Oak Tree



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2 responses to “Face Turned Grey from Spitting Stones

  1. I think it’s outstanding really.



  2. shayne

    that guy above me
    is not me

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