Last Thoughts (the Sweet Sincerity is Sickening)

I will be posting three things for which I am grateful every night from here on out.

This is about as cliche as you can get without vomiting a little in your mouth, but this will be something positive for me, and perhaps it will get those of you reading to consider some things in your life that are pretty terrific. We all get bogged down, so having the last few moments of every day being devoted to considering good things in life certainly can’t hurt.

  1. Valentine’s Day has reminded me how much I love my friends. I’ve been through a few rough patches and having my friends around to listen to me whine and moan, to pick me up when I’m flat on my face, and to just be utterly good people is something for which I am eternally grateful. I love, love, love my friends.
  2. I’m really glad I took on the job of being a writer for the paper. I get paid, I’m getting valuable experience, I’m meeting wonderful people… I’m really not seeing any downside to this at all. It’s been one of the better decisions I’ve made this semester.
  3. My younger brother has been a huge source of support for me, especially lately. He came to Austin to visit me this past weekend, and he says the same ol’ things over and over–but it’s the same ol’ things I always need to hear over and over.

G’night, folks.


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