This Says it All

This is a caricature of Nadya Suleman, the mother of fourteen babies who is not employed and is living with her parents, who says that “money is just paper.” She now has a site that asks for donations. Nadya is the sort of person who makes me doubt humanity.




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4 responses to “This Says it All

  1. Mr Invisable

    When people found out what she was like and she could no longer sell her story she resorted to begging and prostituting her babies – she makes me sick.

  2. That caricature almost captures the spirit of this particular woman, but no one should even be linking to that site.

    There are more compelling causes., for example, contains a much more reasonable plea.

  3. Conservative Mom

    I would like to know how she paid for the invitro-fertilization procedure. It is not cheap. I’m assuming since the state of California is paying for the hospital bill, she has no medical insurance. Where did she get the money? How did she pay for her lip enhancement? Did the liberal state of California pay for all of this, too?

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