Last Thoughts

I’m grateful tonight for the following…

  1. My ex-neighbor/homeboy has been exceptionally helpful when it comes to his advice lately. While I used to take most boys’ advice with a huge helping of salt, I value his input in all matters that pertain to friendship, love, and dating. He’s proven himself a favorable friend and crucial confidante.
  2. Two of my good friends are dating each other. Today, the feminine half of this duo (who, for complicated privacy reasons, we’ll call “Tater Tot”) called me and told me that she dropped the “L-Bomb” on her boyfriend (who we will call Big Hands McGee). He said it back to her, but she still felt awkwardly funny about it. When they spoke about it a day later, Big Hands McGee had said that he’d actually wanted to say, “I love you,” before. They proceeded that have a happy, silly Valentine’s Day.  Tater Tot said this made her “giggle with her whole body.” I’m so glad I have friends who are just such good people. What those two have is something to shoot for when looking for a true friend and companion in life.
  3. This sounds ridiculous, but I’m glad I have my dog. He keeps me company, gives me undivided attention, and is the cutest little Pomeranian you’ll ever find. I’m not one of those crazy people who acts like their dog is a child, although I sometimes come dangerously close to that fine line.

I’m off to socialize. G’night, folks.


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