Last Thoughts

How happy I am for the following:

  1. I’m really, really happy to finally be caught up with all of my homework. I was procrastinating badly for awhile there, but I took the initiative this weekend to get things done and even start things early. Let’s hope this trend continues!
  2. I’m really glad I have a grandparent who cares as much as my papa does. The almost weekly cards, phone calls, and e-mails really help while I’m away from the family. Not many people can say they have a grandparent who is as involved, loving, or concerned as mine is.
  3. I woke up today and went out on my patio with my dog to drink my cup of coffee. I really do have a wonderful porch–the tree and plants, the rocking two-seat chair, the wind chime, the view… it’s a great way to start my morning.

I’m off to continue studying (ethics and philosophy tonight). G’night, folks!

My papa and I in Italy, 2006

My papa and I in Italy, 2006


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