Last Thoughts

The things for which I am most thankful tonight are (drum roll, please)…

  1. I’m beyond grateful that I have the parents I have. I can tell them anything–literally, any single thing, no matter how good or bad, heavy or light-hearted, funny or solemn. Not many people can say that.
  2. I look forward to Monday’s trivia nights at my favorite pub. The group of people I go with are just a bunch of goofy, fun boys who knows how to cheer me up. They’re like my step-in brothers. Love those guys.
  3. Last, but not least, I’m glad that I cleared the air with a certain fellow. I was doing some majorly negative projecting on this lad, and he was being quite the bipolar boy. However, we talked and I’m finally set on a path with him that’s chill and respectful and understandable. It’s a good thing.

Here’s to surrounding yourself with good people. G’night, folks.


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