Anyone Else Notice This?

I find it fairly odd–and disturbing, even–that so many of my friends on Facebook have temporarily closed their Facebook pages for Lent. On Ash Wednesday, several statuses read something like, “See you in forty days,” or, “Goodbye, Facebook, until after Lent!”

It isn’t that these twenty-somethings are quitting the social networking site–that’s fine; however, the fact that surfing the Web is now something people consider to be a substantial enough part of their lives that they feel they should give it up for a religious holiday says a lot about how much time and energy we put into mindlessly clicking links (that was a super long sentence–sorry).

Are people of faith becoming a little lazy when it comes to acts of purgation and atonement? Or, has the internet really saturated all aspects of life, making the act of not using it a sincere sign of penitence? This isn’t just a question of religion–that’s just a small aspect of this discourse–but a question of how deep we are in the Web.

This is getting too philosophical. I haven’t had any coffee in days, and I can’t imagine trying to tackle my own wondering. Oh, well…


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One response to “Anyone Else Notice This?

  1. i think it’s a legit sacrifice, it definitely impedes on spending time with God, and being authentic with people. i’m not sacrificing it because i like to use it for events and such. but yeah it’s a huge phenomenon i think there was even a WSJ article about it!

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