The Coffee Chronicles | Day 3

I gave up coffee for Lent. Those who know me understand the tremendous undertaking that I have gotten myself into. I will be tracking my progress throughout Lent. Let this be a lesson to all…

Dear Diary,

‘Tis the third day, and a toilsome day at that. I’ve gone without coffee now for 72 hours–a feat in itself. I have been downing green tea, chamomile tea, Earl Grey tea, and English breakfast tea. The caffeine withdrawal headaches are beginning to subside, so I am relieved.

It’s still difficult to watch those around me sip their piping hot coffee, the aroma of roasted coffee beans lingering around them. I clutch my paper cup with my green tea still steeping in the bag, and I want to weep. Oh, cruel world!

Butterflies, glitter, and hearts,



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One response to “The Coffee Chronicles | Day 3

  1. Lara

    Good Lord, you’ve got some nerve. And resolve. And resilience.

    Better you than me, gf.

    Btw, looove the blog; it’s gorgeous just like you. Wish I could’ve met you for a cup of . . . warm milk . . . before I moved to OKC. No, really, I was going to say “warm milk” the whole time. Get your mind off the beans. 😉

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