The Coffee Chronicles | Day 10

I gave up coffee for Lent. Those who know me understand the tremendous undertaking that I have gotten myself into. I will be tracking my progress throughout Lent. Let this be a lesson to all…

Dear Diary,

I’ve progressed to the point that I may now make coffee for others, i.e. the office. The first attempt, however, was saddening and difficult.

I filled the pot with water to pour into the coffee-maker–and I did this with conviction. Nothing will deter me from making coffee for others! I thought this to myself. However, to my chagrin, I began spooning in the rich brown coffee grounds into the filter. The aroma enveloped me, and seduced me. No! I pleaded with my conscience. Sweat dripped off my brow. I can do this… Before me, almost in a frame-by-frame, slow motion shot, I saw the coffee grounds smoothly pour off the tip of the black plastic spoon. I bit my lip.

I then pressed, “Brew Now.”

It was over.

With my self-discipline strained and self-confidence shot, I slunk back to my desk (appropriately located in the copy room of the building, as if I were Milton from Office Space).

Another hurdle conquered, sweet diary.

Butterfly kisses, pink ponies, and nail polish,



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