My Awesomeness Knows No End

Why? Let me tell you the long and short of it, young grasshoppers.

My dad works out out Los Angeles, and my mom frequently flies out there to see him. This past weekend, my mom sat next to Hal Sparks. (If you don’t know who he is, go play in traffic. That is an inexcusable offense.) Anyways, my mom blabbed about me and my brother–as she is known to do–and mentioned I was a writer and live in Austin. Hal told  her that if I messaged him on Facebook or Twitter, he could arrange something to where I could be a VIP at his next gig in Austin.

I got back to Austin from my socially stunted Spring Break in Houston and dropped a “hi” to Hal Sparks on Twitter. Let’s just say I didn’t hold my breath for a reply. But then a monumental thing happened this afternoon…

Hal Sparks messaged me back on Twitter. And I quote:

hi! Nice to cyber-meet you. Your Mom was very nice 🙂 tell her hi for me as well

I’m pretty sure he was coming on to me. No, I know he was coming on to me. Chi-ching!



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2 responses to “My Awesomeness Knows No End

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  2. Kate Rosati

    Haha. Oh man, I’m sure he was coming on to you.

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