The Coffee Chronicles | Day 32

I gave up coffee for Lent. Those who know me understand the tremendous undertaking that I have gotten myself into. I will be tracking my progress throughout Lent. Let this be a lesson to all…

Positive steps have been taken in my decaffeinated recovery.

It’s day 32 of my coffee logs. I have reintroduced coffee into my life, but the coffee is of the decaffeinated variety. Ah, yes, I am drinking that good ol’ decaf coffee. It seems to me that decaffeinated coffee is the ultimate contradiction. Why drink coffee if not for the flux of energy that comes along with it? Decaf coffee is poser coffee. It’s frontin’.

Some have accused me of breaking my Lenten promise. I understand that it seems my sacrificial gift to God has many loopholes. Let me clarify that I gave up caffeinated coffee for Lent, not just coffee. It’s not just the caffeine, it’s not just the taste. Otherwise, existing on soda and decaf coffee would not be such a tribulation. Alas, coffee–the caffeinated kind–has cast its spell on me, and I fell victim.

Easter fast approaches. I wonder what the future holds for me. Will I, once again, be enchanted by the temptation of coffee on Easter morning? Or will the spell be broken? Alas, I cannot tell.

Until my next log, dear diary, keep in mind these pearls of wisdom are my bequest to you.

Puppy yawns, scented candles, and boy bands,


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One response to “The Coffee Chronicles | Day 32

  1. Mom

    Would you like the Easter Bunny to put a double shot of expresso in your basket?

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