Blogging Hiatus Explained (and Tossed)

How inconvenient it is that the things that are best for you tend to be the things that you really and truly don’t want to do. Going to Mass and working out seem to be distant cousins in the realm of all things unpleasant, but beneficial. I dread doing both, but I can’t help but feel revived after having gone to church and/or worked out. I attribute similar feelings towards eating small portions, waking up and going to bed early, not procrastinating, and so on and so forth; the list is pretty extensive.

St. Mary Cathedral

Oddly, for the past three months, I have also dreaded writing. Between completing writing assignments for my rhetoric classes, writing articles and columns for the newspaper, and then scraping the bottom of my mind for things to explore on my blog, I do believe I suffered one of the worst cases of writer’s block–and writer’s resentment–I’ve had in awhile.

But, a bit of good news. Much like church or exercise, now that I’ve gotten into a pretty steady, balanced routine, some of these harrowing tasks have become pleasant pastimes. I’d hate to give up on a blog that I’ve maintained for nearly a year; the blog has really grown in viewership (and, as I’d like to think, in overall quality).

So, dear bored readers of my beloved blog, I’m back in action and will do my very best to post daily, if not more.

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