And God Said Unto Thee, “See Harry Potter, or Else Be Smited”

In its weekly newspaper, the L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican has commended the most recent Harry Potter installment, despite the alleged undertones of Satanism declared by some Christian traditions and even a few Catholic figureheads. The Catholic church took this stance as it saw that “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” clearly illustrated the good triumphs over evil, and that sometimes sacrifice and the suffering through tribulations is necessary.

Not only that, but the Vatican has even applauded the wizard film’s approach to adolescent love, stating that there was a “correct balance” that was age-appropriate for Harry Potter’s audience.

As a Catholic, I’m relieved that the Church has come out and acknowledged Harry Potter’s overall positive impact on kids (err, and adults). An entire series of well-written books on the age-old topic of good versus evil (where good triumphs) that people of all ages want to read? That doesn’t sound like Satanism to me, Father Wagner. In fact, that there sounds pretty divine.

Harry Potter

[Source: The Associated Press]


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