Lewd? Maybe. Questionable? Definitely.

I have a feeling a man developed this classy piece of workout equipment for women. The Shake Weight can be seen in the video below.

Often times, there’s a lot of market research that goes into these things people sell. I would like to have seen that. Did no woman think, “That looks highly and erotically suspicious.” I assure you there are a few Creepy McCreppersons out there who’ve gone out and bought their wifey a Shake Weight.




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2 responses to “Lewd? Maybe. Questionable? Definitely.

  1. Kayla M

    I just saw this about 30 minutes ago, and I was laughing so hard I was crying. I just kept trying to imagine those actresses trying to keep a straight face or not totally turn bright red with completely and utter awkwardness.

  2. We need these in Public School Physical Education Programs around the country. STAT.

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