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[Anonymous Facebook dude] wants a hot chick ASAP!

Ask and you… shall… receive? And then, the same guy writes…

[Anonymous Facebook dude] has been de-friended by a lot of people recently…awesome. FML.

If I may offer some unwarranted advice: being a creeper warrants Facebook friends to unfriend and block you. Not that proclaiming to the world via Facebook that you want to be laid isn’t creepy (I’d say that’s pretty dapper, in fact). But then, the icing on the cake is this Facebook message the guy sent me…

[Anonymous Facebook dude]: jeni I love you

Really? Really? Done and done, then. I’m a sucker for romantic booty calls. Let’s do this, my friendless, creepy Facebook friend.



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New Feature: Facebook TMIs

I’ve taken a few days to contemplate a few new features for you people, and I’ve got a good one–Facebook TMIs. I sort of stole this idea from Austin’s best morning show, The Bobby Bones Show, but who’s keeping track of this sort of thing?

For those of us trapped for hours on end in what I fondly refer to as the “inescapable social networking vacuum o’death,” I think it’s safe to say that ever so often, one will come across a Facebook status that is far, far too much information. In many ways, I don’t care who broke your heart, how this person broke your heart, what the size of anyone’s anything is, and so on and so forth. Therefore, I will begin featuring (anonymously, of course), real like statuses that I come across because–let’s face it–we can’t let these suckers go unnoticed.*

If you have any Facebook TMIs you’d like to submit, I’ll be more than happy to post ’em. E-mail me at

And now, because we all care, here is the first of many Facebook TMIs to come…

Smells like rotten fish and not just my breath if you know what I mean.. xoxo

Because there’s nothing quite like… that… to attract men by the masses. Well played.

* I do solemnly swear to never make these up. I have far too many insane (Facebook) friends to not be able to scrounge up some crazy material.

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