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What in the Name of Samantha Ronson?!

In case there was any doubt that Lindsay Lohan’s career and life was going down the St. Thomas Creations toilet, here is a commercial my favorite anorexic crack junkie starred* in for Fornarina. No, don’t worry–no one else has heard of Fornarina either.

I tried to just listen to the commercial without actually watching it, but my ears began bleeding. When on mute, my eyes just couldn’t get the vision of a skeleton with Lady Gaga’s hair on it out of my head. It. Is. Truly. Awful.

* “Starring” in a commercial implies that Lindsay Lohan is a bonafide celebrity, but I mean to imply no such thing.


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Lean, Mean, Weight-Losing Machine

You know, very few people can pull of the “cadaverous blow-up doll” look, but Lindsay Lohan does it well looks like crap too. Lindsay was with designer Matthew Williamson to help open his New York store during the Mercedes-Benz Fall 2009 Fashion Week. I’m sure Matthew Williamson is glad that this gaunt bimbo overshadowed his store opening. Nice pick, Matt.


[Source: The Superficial]

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