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Bye-Bye, Blender

As more and more magazines are circling the drain, it’s been announced that renowned music rag Blender is folding. April’s issue of blender will be the magazine’s last.

What encouraging news for aspiring copy editors and freelance writers around the world. Hooray for impending unemployment!


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Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together

In a move that can only be described as ignorant, Rihanna has taken abuser Chris Brown back. People, one of the most reputable magazines on racks, divulged the disheartening news.

The pair have reunited almost three weeks after Brown, 19, allegedly battered the “Umbrella” singer on Feb. 8, a source tells PEOPLE.

“They’re together again. They care for each other,” says the source. The on-again couple are currently spending time together at one of Sean “Diddy” Combs’s homes, on Miami Beach’s Star Island.

Adds the source: “While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves.”

In its latest issue, PEOPLE reports that Brown called Rihanna on her 21st birthday one week ago. “He called to wish her happy birthday,” a source told the magazine. “They’ve reached out to each other. It’s been mutual.”

Brown was booked by LAPD for making criminal threats but the case has not yet been presented to the District Attorney, who will ultimately determine which charges, if any, will be prosecuted.


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LAPD Statement

The alleged photograph of a battered Rihanna that surfaced on the internet has sparked an internal investigation within the LAPD. Here’s the department’s official statement:

Los Angeles: The unauthorized release of a domestic violence photograph immediately generated an internal investigation. At about 7 p.m. on February 19, 2009, the Los Angeles Police Department Media Relations Section began receiving numerous inquiries about the release of a photograph associated with a domestic violence incident that occurred on February 8, 2009, involving entertainer Chris Brown. The photograph appeared on an entertainment website. The photograph has the appearance of one taken during an official Domestic Violence investigation. The Los Angeles Police Department takes seriously its duty to maintain the confidentiality of victims of domestic violence. The Department launched an immediate internal investigation and subsequently filed a personnel complaint. A violation of this type is considered serious misconduct, with penalties up to and including termination. Anyone with information concerning the unauthorized release of the photograph is asked to call, during regular business hours,
(213) 485-4152. After-hours or on weekends, calls may be directed to our 24-hour, toll-free number at 1-877-LAPD-24-7 (527-3247). Callers may also text “CRIMES” with a cell phone or log on to http://www.lapdonline.org and click on Web Tips. When using a cell phone, all messages should begin with “LAPD.” Tipsters may remain anonymous.

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Photograph of Rihanna

This is tragic and appalling.  Violence is never the answer.


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Lean, Mean, Weight-Losing Machine

You know, very few people can pull of the “cadaverous blow-up doll” look, but Lindsay Lohan does it well looks like crap too. Lindsay was with designer Matthew Williamson to help open his New York store during the Mercedes-Benz Fall 2009 Fashion Week. I’m sure Matthew Williamson is glad that this gaunt bimbo overshadowed his store opening. Nice pick, Matt.


[Source: The Superficial]

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This Says it All

This is a caricature of Nadya Suleman, the mother of fourteen babies who is not employed and is living with her parents, who says that “money is just paper.” She now has a site that asks for donations. Nadya is the sort of person who makes me doubt humanity.



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I Curse the Day McDonald’s Was Contrived

Let me tell you about the morning I had today.

I had a huge exam scheduled today (I did very well on it–thank you for wondering). I took the first two hours off of my morning shift at work so that I would have that little extra time to continue going over my notes for the test.

Before I headed to work, I decided to reward myself for studying so diligently with a delicious, healthy breakfast. Since I didn’t have time for that, I had to settle for McDonald’s. I didn’t mind too much, though. I love their coffee and for whatever reason, I’m slightly addicted to their sausage biscuit with egg. I’m never content after I eat one of those things (it always feels like I have grease slathered all over my body after I eat one of those things), but I figured that I just needed to eat something.

So I pull up to the drive-through…

“I’d like a number four please.”
“A number four?”
“A sausage biscuit with egg?”
(Long, irritated pause.)
“Yes. A sausage biscuit with egg please. I’d like a coffee with that.”
“What would you like to drink with that ma’am?”
(A deep breath as to not scream.)
“OK, ma’am. That’s a number four with a coffee. Would you like cream or sugar?”
“No, thanks. That’s all.”
“Alright. That’ll be $3.46. Please pull up to the first window.”

So, I did as she said. Now, let me preface the rest of the story by mentioning that I was armed with only a $20 bill and a cup of pennies, nickles, and dimes (all the coins that the insolent laundry machine at my apartment complex won’t take). I pick out four dimes, a nickle, and a penny. Andrew Jackson accompanies the loose change. I pull up to the first window.

“$3.46, please, m’am.”

I hand the bill and change to the girl in the window, who does “her thing” (her thing being pressing some buttons on the register, making changed, tearing off a receipt). She hands me a wad of bills.

“Thank you ma’am. Please pull around.”

The woman at the second window hands me a bag and a cup of coffee. I take the goods, thank her, and begin to drive off. As I went to stuff the wad of bills back into my wallet, I realize I only got $7 back. I did not just pay $13.46 for something that will probably add two solid pounds of lard to my back end.

I immediately back up (no one was behind me–no worries, people). I told the woman that I gave the girl at the register a $20, and she hadn’t given me enough change back. I just needed a $10 bill. She told me to pull into the parking space labeled for “drive through waiting.” OK…

Twenty-two minutes later (oh yes, you bet I counted), I just about break my car door opening it so I can get out of the freakin’ vehicle and pummel every McDonald’s customer. I walk up to the counter and demand that they give me my change now and that I am tired of waiting for these people to give me my correct change.

“Oh, yeah! We totally forgot. Here…”

The moron opens her register, and hands me a $10 bill.

I hate you, McDonald’s.

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