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Samurai Bar Fight: The Manliest Fight Ever

In what may be the manliest action performed to date, Dublin-based Peter Rogers punched his assaulter, Charles Russell, with his bloody stump of an arm after Russell severed Rogers’ arm with a samurai sword in a bar fight.

Russel, who hails from Dublin, Ireland, has been in custody, awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to intentionally and recklessly causing Rogers serious harm at the Deputy Mayor Pub in Meekstown on January 13 of last year.

Detective Garda Tony Gleeson told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that Russell severed Mr. Roger’s hand at the wrist with his first swing of the sword and his hand fell to the ground.

He said that the victim did not notice that he had lost his hand, which, he said, must have been due to shock.

Mr. Rogers continued to struggle with Russell and at one stage punched the accused in the face with the stump of his arm.

Detective Gleeson said that Mr. Rogers will never have full use of his left hand again.

There you have it, folks. Punching someone with the bloody stump you have left after being assaulted by a samurai sword is–by far–the most undaunted, virile thing any one man can do. God bless Ireland.

(Source: Independent.ie)


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